What struck me during this last week is the News videotape of Trump's visit with Xi Jinping -- John Bolton had also mentioned what Donald Trump asked of President Xi in a state visit last week. I watched the news coverage of that visit between Xi Jinping and Trump (and I saw John Bolton there at the table with them also). I sat here and watched President Trump begging Xi Jinping to support his re-election, and he suggested to Xi that if he could increase China's imports of American products during this time (wheat and corn, etc) that those increased trades would reflect well on Trump in his re-election bid.

I first got "wind" about the meeting between Trump and Jinping from news commentary by John Bolton. That's when I decided that I have to read John's new book.

I was so gobsmacked, my hands started shaking. I was appalled! This man that Americans elected to be our leader was begging the Chinese President to bail him out so he can get re-elected. Tell me, when has a president - ANY PRESIDENT - stepped outside our national boundaries and gone to one of the strongest foreign nations to appeal for assistance so he can get re-elected? When? NEVER! This is a First!

And then.... a few days later, there was a News alert that China had endorsed President Trump and expressed their best wishes for his re-election in November! Oh yeah, that was on the news.... just one announcement is all I heard. I don't know which news service reported it, but I would be willing to take a bet it was Fox News.

So what do you call a man who is the leader of our country, when he goes begging the Chinese President to endorse his re-election to the role as our president and our leader. I know what I'm calling him. I think I know what John Bolton is calling him, and I think there's a lot more of us who see Donald Trump for what he is now.

We must replace Donald Trump in November and get ourselves a new president. Yes? ... Hell, yes!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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