What you are suggesting here in your article on the social effects of the Coronavirus — the effects that are reverberating through our American political system and our culture — is precisely the effects that I have been talking about repeatedly here of late. Your wonderful example of how the Japanese government took the hint that was presented to them when our Navy sailed into their harbor and woke them up is an excellent example of what is happening to us here in America right now. What I’m talking about, here again, is our need as a people to begin the initiative to rewrite our Constitution — such that the needs of our people, and our nation, are addressed and met now, before the ecological and social crisis that is brewing gets out of control. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that we could have a new revolution, a cultural upheaval unlike any we’ve had, because of the inequalities, the cultural and economic depredations that we are facing as a people. We need to rise to the challenge and initiate a Constitutional Convention to address the changes that are needed in our 200 year old document that articulates the principles by which our Nation was founded, and the means by which our government — our Congress and our President — meet the needs and demands of our people, and our nation.

If we do not step up to this need and meet this challenge, we will have increasing numbers of petty rebellions, leading to property destruction and disruption of our social gatherings, along with injuries to our peoples. It’s time for us to meet the needs of our peoples and our country. We’ve been muddling along for 200+ years with our old Constitution. The alternative is social unrest and civil war.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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