When dealing with fools and idiots, what is required to ensure the safety and health of all the rest of us is to enforce vaccination as a requirement for being allowed to continue working at our places of employment; enforce proof of vaccination for our children before they can go to school; enforce proof of vaccination before customers are allowed to enter shopping malls, theatres, and restaurants.

In any group of 100 people there will always be some fools and idiots who hold up the flag of Religious Conviction, and some who claim they are entitled to Refuse because of their Rights as a Citizen -- and they will threaten the very lives of all the rest of us on these spurious, self-serving rejection of the threat they are posing on the lives of all the rest of us.

If they are demand the right to refuse vaccination, and thus threaten the lives of all the rest of us, they should be given the alternative - time in jail or a significantly large fine. Or both. Their punishment should fit their crime.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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