When I was in college (in my youth) taking Sociology and Psychology, Anthropology and History, I was told to refer to "white people" as Caucasians, and blacks as "Afro-Americans. Hispanics were not called "Mexicans" nor "Latinos", and Native Americans were not called "American Indians". America was up in arms then about racial segregation and discrimination over the colors of our skin. I had that "caucasian" term drummed into my head on a daily basis at my Community College.

SO, it stuck... and now we're getting more flack and more discontent, more "nuance" and more indignation, over an adjective--a label. The underlying issue was that some of us are not accepted, not successful, not equal — because our skin color isn't white. But, of course, the real issue was that people of any color, but particularly brown, black or yellow, simply detest being classified by their skin color, regardless of what it is, because any reference at all is a denigration, and a reason to find fault, to discriminate, and thus, to deny opportunity for advancement, success, or respect. So they are making an issue of it. And they are making that issue because they feel disenfranchised, and barred from opportunities to achieve the level of financial and social success that the Top One Percent have achieved.

Unfortunately, people of color are NOT the only people who are disenfranchised, passed over, ignored, and barred from achieving true financial success, or attaining wealth and social acceptance. We are all subjected to that. Only One Percent of us are fortunate enough to become truly wealthy. Only the very lucky make it to the top. The "System" is rigged and not in our favor. What needs to be fixed is the Economic and Marketing Rules that allow a punishingly small number of our American Nobility to rise to the top of our Pyramids and live in luxury, while all the rest of us fight over every scrap. Some of those Top 0.1% are other colors--they are not all White, either.

This is, of course, by no means a modern dilemma. This discrimination, this oppression, has been a human trait since the time of the Egyptians and the Mayans. It may well be the single most common trait of all humans. After all, before we were living in mansions, we were living in caves, and before that, we were living in the mountains, hiding behind the trees. We were wearing skins, or running free and naked, and we were beating the tar out of one another. Survival of the fittest meant death to the losers.

There will be no peace, no acceptance, no happiness, until we all stop making note of our differences completely. We could all easily "go to the wall" about this issue. Ultimately, we could get into a few really bloody brawls over skin color, which will end with some of us in tears, and others with burned out houses, or worse.

If we cannot speak freely, which is a constitutionally mandated freedom, then what is left for us to bridge our differences and our dissatisfaction? What is really needed is collaboration in the problem solving process--and an epiphany of awareness of the real problem, which is grounded in our commercialization and our worship of the almighty "buck".

Why must humans take every single difference and turn it into a cause for war and bloodshed, mayhem and destruction of property?

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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