When people fail to recognize the possibility of alternative outcomes that don’t match their expectations, then the way is opened for surprise. History is not kind to those who do not take reasonable precautions to protect themselves from outcomes that they did not anticipate nor be prepared to deal with.

Humanity is a species prone to make war and to steal power from one another. The history of Man is full of surprise attacks and murderous coups, sudden upsets and cities burned to the ground as conquerors march into the city and take control of the government, the lands and the people.

Donald Trump would not be the first tyrant who decides that he’s not inclined to relinquish his control over a nation-state, and then attempt to use the military forces at his beck and call to enforce his reign of power, if he should decide to do such a thing.

If we are foolish enough to disbelieve such a thing could happen, then we are foolish enough to lose our democratic union to the forces of despotism and war. How is it that Adolf Hitler was able to take control of Germany and wage the horror of the Second World War on Europe, and then on America? Was he not initially elected by the people as Chancellor of Germany? Yes he was!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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