Why Americans Have Such Problems Finding a Job…

Racism is becoming an “old hat” issue…we all know that human beings are tribal beings — we like our tribe, and we don’t like “your tribe” — regardless of what tribe that is. Color and gender are simply artifacts in our species. They are not the real motivational influencers.

What motivates all of us is something more basic, and universal. As I have suggested before in these forums, “It’s all about the money, honey…” Our nation is struggling with a great many people who are now unemployed, and they may possibly be unemployable. Why? Certainly not because of the color of their skin or their eyes! Nope!

Two forces are colliding in our Economic Reality now. The first is Automation of the Factory Floor…. More Machines Means Less People. We knew this was coming — we’ve been automating like madmen for years.

The other force is the Covid-19 Pandemic, which our current president has failed to deal with, in part because he lacks sufficient basic understanding of the problem, and in part because he is too arrogant (by virtue of his personality disorders) to admit that he hasn’t sufficient understanding of what is really going wrong in our country, and he lacks the interest or the motivation to learn all the options available to deal with it. Trump is also too enamored of his title as our President to stoop to the alternative of asking someone more knowledgeable and informed to deal with the problem.

Donald Trump could have delegated the problem of the Corona Virus pandemic to a knowledgeable medical professional. Instead, when Dr. Fauci stepped up to offer suggestions and a possible solution, Trump fired him, for daring to step forward in his professional capacity as our leading Medical Professional. Why did Trump do that? I believe he felt that Dr. Fauci was stepping in his “limelight” — casting shade on the President!

So what do we have now? We have a nation long down the road to ruin — ridiculed and laughed at by our friends in the United Nations, laughed at by other countries’ leaders, who clearly see that our president is a flaming jackass, incompetent — who has tossed out a Medical Expert because he could not tolerate being upstaged by someone more knowledgeable of the issue we are facing with Covid-19. If Donald Trump had allowed Dr. Fauci to do his job, we would not have over 180,000+ people now dead from the pandemic, and a lot more of us would still have jobs.

Of course, the Pandemic is not the cause of our declining economic performance, and the loss of all our jobs. Our failure as a nation to deal with the automation of our factories, and the reduction of our employment opportunities as a result, is something that still must be dealt with by the next administration. It won’t just “go away” because we might get a vaccine, and find some way to control our pandemic.

What we really need to do, as a nation, starting next year in the New Administration (preferably under Joe Biden), is start the process of rebuilding our nation’s Infrastructures! Our roads and bridges are falling into disrepair — dangerous disrepair! Our hospitals are becoming too small to deal with the increasing load of our populations, particularly when so many of us are becoming sick. The lights over our city streets are going bad. Everything is falling apart in our country!

WHY?! Because we have an arrogant, psychologically impaired leader who simply doesn’t know enough about the issues involved in the maintenance and upgrading of our nation’s roads, utilities, and buildings. We have a leader who cannot Lead! And why can he not lead our nation as he should?

Donald Trump was brought up by a man who was a Real Estate Tycoon. He didn’t learn how to handle ongoing infrastructure maintenance and development. When he had a problem with a property — he sold it! Well, he can’t “sell” America! He must deal with it, like it or not. And he definitely doesn’t like the idea of fixing it! Donald Trump has no essential concern, or respect, for our heritage — our lands, our buildings, our waterways. Trump’s solution to problems with infrastructure is to sell off the land. He has no basic respect for our natural heritage or our natural environments. This is most unfortunate, because without our lands — without our “Home of the Brave”, we the People become homeless waifs. You know what happens to homeless people, don’t you? They do not thrive. Rather, they languish and die.

By comparison, Joe Biden has previous experience as our Vice President, under the thoughtful and talented leadership of Barack Obama, who not only cared about our heritage — our lands, our waterways, and our cityscapes — he knew how to take care of it. He was educated of course, but more than that, he demonstrated thoughtfulness and highly principled standards in his leadership. Joe Biden also cared, and he still cares. He wants to get involved in the restitution of our America. He’s principled, and he is certainly motivated.

Personally, I’m in favor of replacing our current leader, who is growing tired, and increasingly less competent, with a leader who is strongly motivated to solve the problems of our nation’s infrastructures, and to preserve the heritage of our beautiful lands. I think it’s time for Donald Trump to retire, and settle into a less stressful, and more pleasant lifestyle at home, or perhaps a retirement center where he can express himself freely, and with less demands on his personal time.

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