WTF am I on about? Do you have beans in your ears, or are you simply so uninformed that you can’t see the truth of my observations here?

We are all facing the potential overthrow of our democracy, spear-headed by a tyrant who is mentally disturbed (or had you not noticed that he lies incessantly, and brags about nothing that he has achieved while sitting in the oval office pretending to be our nation’s leader)? SOMEBODY is backing Donald Trump — SOMEBODY is paving the way for him to usurp our democratic form of government, and that somebody has plenty of money and influence to do it. Since it appears you don’t have a snowball’s chance in a rainstorm of figuring out who that “somebody” is, I suggest you look to the Elites…the top five percent of our nation’s wealthiest families…who clearly have control of the reins in our country, and who want all the rest of us to sit down, shut-up, and behave ourselves like good little servants and toadies. They don’t want us overthrowing their control of the means of production, or the banks, or the system that they have so well established to run this country in the way that it now runs…pouring $$$millions$$$ into their bank accounts, and starving the large majority of the rest of us…oh, and automating our factories so they don’t have to pay us hourly wages anymore, and eliminating the laws that force them to pay for environmental protection for our nation, etc. etc. etc.

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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