Yes, we all need good health -- and we need a Clean Environment to get it! We need CLEAN WATER, and soil that is NOT filled with everlasting, deep and deadly poisonous fertilizers and poisonous pesticides... We also need CLEAN AIR, where the water that falls down on our crops is not full of pesticides and mercury, and cyanide!

Can we get all that right away, in the first year of the next president's 4-year term? No? I didn't think so. Because, FIRST, we have to deal with the manufacturers of all the pesticides, and that will be a battle royale, I assure you! And we also have to deal with the commercial manufacturers of all our fabulously convenient, "eat-it-out-of-the-box commercial food SUBSTITUTES -- that are also filled with PRESERVATIVES, which quite possibly are made with chemicals that are (independent of their combinations in our foods & drinks), potentially poisonous too!

So you see, Socialized Health Care - which is, by virtue of the fact that it was created by our military service branches, in their wonderful Scientific Kitchens (with limited resources and limited funds) -- hey, it's the Military, y'know -- they don't waste funds meant for military grade weaponry and poisons on making fancy American foods that are Microwave-safe, and take just minutes to prepare.

No, Socialized Medicine and Socialized Food is not Grade A stuff -- it's Grade B... "acceptable" … "good enough" -- but not great... not awesome, not "Top Shelf". And it won't (necessarily) keep us healthy, whole, and happy. Instead, it could erode our natural health over time, forcing us to seek medical remediation -- and you know how expensive THAT can get!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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