You know what I like about America? We are a people who find solutions to our conundrums, and we're not afraid to implement them. For instance, some of us are gun owners. Some of us have Arsenals ... not just a single shotgun for hunting. Some of us have guns with scopes and some especially powerful long-range bullets. And SOME of us are just a wee-bit manic. Some Americans are willing to step up and become heroic--so some of us could become assassins (at the drop of a hat)... Especially if we think America The Land of the Free and the Brave is threatened by an authoritarian takeover.

A Warning To Those Who Would Overthrow America --

You have NO IDEA how many guns, missile launchers, heat-seeking missiles and crazed Americans with blood-in-their-eyes and a thirst for revolution are living in this, our America, who would gather together in enclaves out in the wilds of Suburban America to plan for the siege that will take back our Free America from the fascist tyrant who might try to take it from us.

....Just kidding.....

NOT !!!

Member of the Medium Forum, varied interests, particularly preservation of American social equality and environmental preservation.

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